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Christmas Poetry



A Christmas Poem

(Christmas Eve 2006)


The Christmas Light

and we, His ornaments,


from a tree.


The Christmas Gift

so given

for thee.


The Devil's kingdom becoming

unglued, his evil wrapping

ripped to shreds

to the sounds of Angles

and children's hymns.


The Throne of David

through Mary's womb—

See, The Branch!—

bursting forth

to conquer sin

and vanquish death

upon His holy Limbs!


From shepherd's field

The Lamb is born!

Oh, soon

will the temple's

curtain—be torn!


Glory to Christ—

our Christmas Tree!

Born of men

and then cut down,

hot blood for thee!


Jesus! Jesus!—

May this Birth

be our new death

for Thee!



By Walter Skold