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Christmas Poetry


<>   A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior

By Ben Jonson

<>I sing the birth was born tonight,
<>The Author both of life and light;
<>     The angels so did sound it,
<>And like the ravished shepherds said,
<>Who saw the light, and were afraid,
<>     Yet searched, and true they found it.
<>The Son of God, the eternal King,
<>That did us all salvation bring,
<>     And freed the soul from danger;
<>He whom the whole world could not take,
<>The Word, which heaven and earth did make,
<>     Was now laid in a manger.
<>The Father's wisdom willed it so,
<>The Son's obedience knew no "No,"
<>     Both wills were in one stature;
<>And as that wisdom had decreed,
<>The Word was now made Flesh indeed,
<>     And took on Him our nature.
<>What comfort by Him do we win?
<>Who made Himself the Prince of sin,
<>     To make us heirs of glory?
<>To see this Babe, all innocence,
<>A Martyr born in our defense,
<>Can man forget this story?