ASLaN St. Nicholas Literary Page
Christmas Poetry


The Christmas Branch

“I am like a green pine tree;
your fruitfulness comes from me."
            Hosea 14:8b

Jesu Cristo, Christmas Tree;
Jesus, Kyrios, Evergeen.
Jesus Christ— The Branch, The Root:
Jesus, Seed; and Jesus, Fruit.
Yeshua— Meshiach! Of David and Ruth:
Yeshua— Who crushes the warrior’s boot!
Isa Mesih, The Child of Christmas;
Isa, Lord of the Turkish St. Nicholas.

Jesus, seedling, plant and Vine;
The little stump is Christ Divine!
From Jesse comes this Mistletoe;
See Him planted, see Him grow:
He comes from realms of joy and bliss
So Holy God and man might kiss!
Jesus, green as winter’s pine;
And Holly-red is Jesus’ wine:

Like Hyssop on the Sons of Eve
This brush can paint a sinner clean.
Holy Savior, Tree of Life:
Heaven’s fragrant, perfect spice.
Jesus, seed of all that’s good,
O Branch who hung upon the wood:
Placed as God’s own ornament—
Now adorning the firmament!

Cristos, Tree with ancient Lights
Leading the way to Paradise!
O Jesus, Holy Christmas Tree,
Once cut down, forever green—
Jesus, Fir Tree ever fresh,
Yes, Jesus Christ, who conquered death!—
O Tree and Giver, Star and Gift,
Grant to us this Christmas wish:

Another year of fruitfulness
Through trusting in Your faithfulness.
O Tree of Christmas, Christmas Tree,
Fill our hearts and minds with Thee!
May we be Your ornaments
That shine throughout the firmament,
And make us fragrant, fresh, and green
Like Jesus Christ, our Evergreen!

                                                    By Sinter Knicker