ASLaN St. Nicholas Literary Page
Christmas Poetry


Praise, For God Has Baked Us Bread

See how God has brought forth Bread!
Behold Him rise in Miriam’s womb
Who breaks our chains and robs our tomb—
Praise, for God has baked us Bread!

In the City of David, the house of Bread,
God has mixed a batch of dough,
Eternal Sperma clothed with ovum,
He whose flesh will feed the dead.

Here the Wonder which tops all wonders!
In a basket lies the God of Thunder,
The Babe, pre-named Eternal Father,
Ripping the house of Satan asunder!

O, this is the Day of our Daily Bread!
Our Christmas Manna coming from Heaven:
Our Maker and Husband, our Perfect Seven,
Our Great High Groom enfleshed to wed!

In the virgin soil of Mary’s venter
Sprouts The Seed, and Jacob’s Star
That Balaam saw, no longer afar,
But as The Door, and ready to enter.

On Bethlehem’s soil and barren plain,
Through sorrow, birthed with Mary’s pain,
Is born the Lord of Harvest’s Reign,
Who feeds the world with Heaven’s grain.

O Hail this second birth of Grace,
For here, in the cave of second Eve,
Behold! The Man, the promised Seed,
The birth of Second Adam’s race.

O, this is the Day of Our Daily Bread!
Jesse’s Root, who takes our leaven,
Is now the Royal Baker of Heaven—
The Seed is now our Regal Head!

In the agricultural garden of God
This Seed will feel the scythe of death,
Be planted still in cold, dark earth,
But rise again as Aaron’s rod!

Burst forth like wine, fermented and strong,
Drink of Christ, and raise a toast—
Our Bread is born of the Holy Ghost!
Burst forth and sing with harvest song:

Rejoice for the sweetness of bitter truth—
Comes forth The Branch, from humble root;
In fields were Boaz slept with Ruth
Is born our very Feast of Booths!

O, give us this Day our Daily Bread,
Whose flesh will someday raise the dead!
We must partake in Him who said:
“I am the true and the Living Bread.”

O Praise, For God has baked us Bread:
A Christmas fruitcake served with wine—
Eternal Feast of Love Divine!
O, Praise this Great Eternal Bread!

By Sinter Knicker